Cotton Colors Agni Bluch review

CottonColors, Agni Blush 6
100% Cotton

Russian brand Cotton Colors is my new discovery. I got to know about them by chance from the post @WrapCollection chatter. Cotton Colors is the machine line of the famous handwoven brand Cotton Cloud. I feel that Cotton Colors is not discovered by the international mamas yet, while offering great quality at reasonable price.

I was looking for a budget wrap to introduce my relative to the babywearing. I spent over two weeks in the FSOT groups and couldn’t find anything decent at my budget. Then I saw a short post about the brand and the sales. Luckily for me they were also selling the European tester with cheap EU postage, exactly what I needed! I couldn’t find many reviews of the wrap, but the colour and general reviews of the brand got me interested and the purchase followed shortly.

I’d like to mention accessible and friendly customer service. It felt very good to be treated with such personal attention! This influenced my decision to buy one more wrap shortly after, but that’s another story.

A few days later I received a wrap in branded tote bag in very good condition. Of course I did test it straight away and was very satisfied!

Medium weight 100% cotton felt comfortable with 11 kg toddler.
Agni Blush has interesting combination of colours: red warp and grey-blue weft. Paisley/flowery pattern is like a lace, quite subtle and discrete at first sight.

The pattern is medium scale, but quite textured that makes the wrap more grippy than it looks.

I was buying for a squish and at first I worried that it won’t be soft enough, but after a quick wash and few ups with the toddler the wrap softened up. I think it will brake in even more.

The wrap feels to its declared 240 gsm. It wraps nicely and the knot it neat and small.

In my view, Agni Blush is a great all-round wrap, that could be the only one for all babywearing occasions, which is likely to be the case for my relative, who learned to wrap in no time. Squishy seemed to be happy too.

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